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Rent a Mum Kids


Rent-A-Mum are a team of childcare specialists who have been engaged by well over 200,000 families Worldwide since 1970.



Rent-A-Mum was founded over 50 years ago, and over this time we have earned an excellent reputation for providing high-quality childcare at reasonable rates. Due to our long-standing presence and expertise in the private childcare sector it is well known that our placements work!​

Rent-A-Mum offers a full and premium range of western – style childcare & professional nanny/maternity services in both Hong Kong, as well as internationally. These services are based on a set of fundamental core values, the main one being that we should provide every child, whatever age, a positive experience from our caregivers, whether this be just a four-hour evening babysit or a longer term and more intensive placement.



Shirley Robinson

Shirley Robinson

Ms. Shirley Robinson is a British national and a Hong Kong Resident who has lived and worked in Hong Kong since her arrival in 1988. A qualified nurse, Shirley was initially nursing in the private sector here. She later qualified as an English Language trainer at the British Council in Hong Kong.


Shirley bought Rent-A-Mum in 1998, and has operated all aspects of the business management ever since. She is now considered to be the cornerstone of the nanny market in Hong Kong as well as the Asia-Pacific region.  Shirley is a “people person” with strong social and communication skills. Her local and overseas reputation for being able to quickly identify the specific needs of her clients and personnel is second to none!


Mention professional childcare to any expatriate in the region, and it won’t be long before you hear her name and Rent-A-Mum being mentioned!


Sune' de Goede

Sune de Goede

Sune’ de Goede is trained as a Maternity nurse and post partum Doula. She started working in home-based childcare 19 years ago and has lived and worked in the UK, the US, Europe and Asia. After the birth of her two children, Sune’ took an interest in early years development and studied to be a Montessori teacher.


Her professional experience makes her valuable in understanding each family’s individual needs and being a mother herself, she fully understands how important it is for a family to have reliable childcare in place. 

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