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A Governess is an individual who is  qualified to educate school aged children in a private household. A governess will ensure that the children are safe and cared for but their main focus will be the child's education.


The duties and responsibilities of a governess consist of preparing everyday lessons and organizing learning timetables for coursework and homework during a specific period or term, as well as ensuring that the child follows set routines for their learning activities.  


They are always committed to the duty and responsibility of ensuring that your child is safe and well-cared for. They don't just teach children academic concepts but also ensure that children under their care learn all the necessary social skills as well as manners and etiquette that would enable them to feel comfortable and at ease with the people around them. 

Rent-A-Mum places Governesses in Hong Kong, Asia and Internationally on a full and part-time basis. 

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