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A Nanny is an individual who is hired to care for children in the home environment so that parents can fully focus on other obligations. The main function of a nanny is to act as a proxy parent for busy households. All our nannies are English speakers who are qualified and possess a wealth of knowledge in child development that they have gained through professional experience. A nanny’s daily duties would include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • to support the physical, emotional and social development of the children

  • managing the children’s daily schedules

  • placing focus on the children’s routine and advising parents on developmental milestones

  • running errands and attending meetings on behalf of the family

  • planning and preparing healthy meals for the children


Nannies can often take on the broader role of managing other household staff as well as taking on personal assisting responsibilities on behalf of the family. A sincere nanny aims to enhance the family dynamic as a whole and sees her role as a vocation rather than just a job. Rent-A-Mum places full time, part time ,temporary as well as holiday nannies in roles in Hong Kong, Asia as well as Internationally.

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