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A Rota nanny is a member of staff who works in a rota system with other nannies, meaning they are taking turns to work in shifts. One nanny would work while the other nanny is off then the shift rotates. This service is useful for families who split their time between different countries and therefore need the nanny to be available on a 24 hour basis or “on call” for a certain number of weeks. Hiring two nannies who work in shifts offers many benefits to the family as well as the nannies.


The family can be guaranteed childcare on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year and the nannies  get the opportunity to take a good amount of time break in between shifts so that they are well rested. Popular Rota shifts would be for the nanny to work one or two weeks on with an equal amount of time off. Rent-A-Mum places Rota nannies locally in Hong Kong and China as well as Internationally.

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