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Rent-A-Mum continues to strive for professionalism in the private nanny sector of HK. We get to know our staff personally and we only work with individuals  who are of good moral standing both on the personal and professional level. We have a proven track record of working with only top-quality staff; if we find an individual does not meet our standards then they do not become members of our team.

High Moral Standard

All of our personnel know how to make good decisions, both personally and professionally.

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Proven Track Record

Rent-a-Mum has records going back to 1981 and over this time we have earned a hi-profile and excellent reputation for providing high quality childcare at reasonable rates. Rent-a-Mum is the oldest and best known English speaking professional childcare agency based in Hong Kong.


We offer a full range of premium nanny/childcare and maternity services for both the expatriate and local communities in Hong Kong. Rent-a-Mum also places internationally. We are registered with the Hong Kong Business Registration Office and licensed under the Hong Kong Labor Law.

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Relevant Qualifications

At Rent-a-Mum, we understand that not everyone needs a Supernanny!


Whether you have a baby with newborn issues or older children needing help with homework, Rent-a-Mum will provide the most suitably qualified match for the job!

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