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Rent-A-Mum 的故事


尽管 Rent-A-Mum 的历史可以追溯到 1970 年时,这个机构真证成立的时间其实是更早。它最初是在1960年代由几位位于半山历史悠久的荷李活道开设了一家孕妇装店的外籍业主创办的。他们的客户经常会询问关于会说英语的合格的专业人士去帮他们照顾他们的新生儿。




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I've used Rent-a-Mum on multiple occasions as I needed to find somebody to take care of my 2 girls (ages 2 and 5) while I was working and when their usual nanny was away. I have been more than satisfied by the service provided! Shirley replied very quickly to my request by e-mail and always answered all my concerns and identified the best profile to suit my daugthers' ages. Shirley then sent me the CV of the suggested candidate and also gave me a bit of her background, which was really reassuring. 

I knew that I could trust the caregiver as soon as she arrived and that she would be able to handle the situation if my girls were upset in my absence, which was really important for me as I needed to have peach of mind while I was working. The caregivers that arrived were great! They took very good care of my girls, and I was so happy they didn't even cry when I left! I highly recommend Rent-a-Mum!

Mrs. Daurel 

We have been using the babysitting service provided by Shirley and her team at Rent-a-Mum since we arrived in Hong Kong from UK in the summer of 2016. At that point, my two sons were aged 11yrs and 9yrs. Being unsure whether or not we wished to employ a full-time helper, we still needed someone to be with the boys when we were out. Shirley has made sure we have consistently had the same sitters. Each of the three sitters we have had over the period to date has been delightful, engaging, reliable, punctual, interested in our boys and English speaking. 

The boys have been very comfortable being left with all of them and enjoyed their company. The service that Rent-a-Mum has provided for us has been very professional and efficient and also invaluable in making our transition from UK to Hong Kong so much easier and indeed our ongoing lives here. I couldn't recommend Shirley and her team highly enough.

Mrs. Holden


Thank you, for your support and excellent service! We know we can always rely on you.

Regards, Cathy Z.

Dear Shirley

I would really like to thank you for your help, at such a critical time for our family. Both nannies you sent us were excellent and I would strongly recommend your service to our friends and colleagues. 

Kind Regards,

J. Perry

We have been working with Rent-a-Mum for about a year and have had a great experience with the company. We initially registered with them because we needed the flexibility of a part time job to start our business, and working with Shirley & her team has done just that and more.


They have done an amazing job at matching us with the right families making sure both her clients and nannies are happy. We are thrilled with our experience here and highly recommend Rent-a-Mum.

Claire and Valia G

A big thank you to Rent-a-Mum! I would like to say thanks for all your help over the past 6 months. Working with you is one of my fondest memories of Hong Kong.

Thanks again!

xx Nic


We provide a free and confidential consultation to identify your family’s specific needs.


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Rent-a-Mum 希望与您保持联系以接收任何关于我们服务的评论并协助满足您可能有的任何进一步的托儿需求。

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