Professional Nanny Placements

Professional western childcare is a vocation that is often misunderstood, especially in Hong Kong. A nanny’s role is not simply to look after the children, but to enhance the family dynamic as a whole. A sincere nanny sees her role as a vocation rather than just a job. The function of a nanny to act as a proxy parent for busy working families when mum and dad cannot be home. Not only will the nanny be responsible for all aspects of childcare and child development, but they can also act as a family assistant, manage household staff, plan healthy menus for the children and even attend parent-teacher meetings should the parents be unable to do so. Contrary to popular belief, teachers and nurses do not necessarily make good nannies. Being a good nanny has less to do with her qualifications and professional experience with children, but more to do with her personality and her ability to work well within the constraints of a domestic environment. Rent-A-Mum understands what makes a good nanny and we are able to introduce you to a wide range of personnel with various levels of qualifications and experience in accordance with your needs and budget.

Night Nurses
  • Night nursing is ideal for parents looking to return to work after maternity leave and wanting to get the baby into a routine as soon as possible.
  • Night nursing is a good match for mothers who also have older children needing to rest at night.
Sleeping Training/Troubleshooting

Short-term services aimed at resolving any issues that may arise such as colic, reflux, digestive disorders, jet lag, sleep/feed training, parent respite or the like.

24-hour Maternity Nurses

This service is perfect for new mothers needing hands-on assistance on a 24-hour basis. A large part of a Maternity Nurse’s role is to teach and support new parents in all aspects of care for their newborn.

Babysitting Services

Rent-A-Mum is well-renowned for our top quality evening babysitting and daytime child-minding services. We are the longest-running babysitting agency in Hong Kong for both local and Western clients. As well in private domestic households, we also provide babysitting services to premium hotels and serviced apartments throughout Hong Kong, and often at very short notice!

3 ways to book a babysitter
Booking Form
1. Fill in the Booking Form

To book a babysitter, please fill out the form below. We will respond to your request in a time sensitive manner with a price quote. Once we receive your reply, we will contact you with the name and background information of our suggested caregiver, for your approval. Your babysitter will then contact you to introduce herself and confirm any last-minute details.

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Send Us an Email
2. Send Us an Email

Contact us directly via email. Please be sure to include the following information:

a. Your name, email and phone number
b. The location, date and time of the assignment
c. Your children’s names and ages
d. Any pertinent information of the children such as medical conditions, allergies or the like

send us an email
Phone Call
3. Make a Phone Call

If you are currently using our services and already have a regular babysitter, please feel free to contact her directly. We trust our sitters will always let us know the details and information of any babysits they complete.

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2Assignment Information

1General Information

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